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WordPress is the world's largest and most popular blogging platform used by tens of millions of people every day. The versatility and practical nature of the WordPress content management system make it ideal for bloggers or businesses to get started with a professional website quickly and add features as needed. The WordPress code was produced collaboratively as an Open Source project, and currently has many hundreds of coders and developers around the world working to make it even better. WordPress was designed to be very flexible and has a vast number of customisable features and attributes - including: custom designed themes available for download, a huge array of plugins to facilitate everything from search engine optimisation to adding Facebook or Twitter feeds to your WordPress blog.

All of these outstanding features are immediately accessible when hosting a WordPress website with 34SP.com. Our 1 click installation process gets you up and blogging very quickly with a minimum of distraction. In our WordPress customer gallery you can see the professional blogs that our clients have set up on the 34SP.com web hosting platform.

Why should I use WordPress blog hosting?

If you’re looking to get the most out of a WordPress blog, then WordPress hosting from 1&1 offers you all of the simple design and intuitive control of WordPress, combined with our comprehensive technical support and professional hosting features. All you need to do is focus on the design and content of your blog, whilst we take care of your optimisation, maintenance, updates and server security.

Building a WordPress blog is simple thanks to 1&1’s WordPress software and hassle-free hosting solution. Simply choose a suitable domain name, install the WordPress software and create an admin profile in a few clicks. From here, you’ll be able to manage the design and content and of your blog, as well as some security features. The technical aspects of your website, such as automatic updates and web server security, are taken care of by our experts – providing peace of mind and leaving you free to concentrate on the basics. What’s more, to ensure any issues are addressed quickly and efficiently, our team of experts are on hand to answer questions and solve problems 24/7.

Quality WordPress blog hosting goes a long way – for this reason, at 1&1 we pride ourselves on offering the very best hosting on the market. Our specially optimised severs provide top levels of availability, ensuring visitors receive consistently fast loading times. Quicker loading times can also contribute to higher Google search rankings – another advantage provided by our powerful servers. These benefits, alongside many more, mean that WordPress blog hosting from 1&1 should be at the top of your list.

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Can you explain WordPress blogs a little further?

It’s almost guaranteed that during your web browsing history, you will have come across many WordPress blogs. In fact, WordPress is the most popular online publishing platform in the world and has subsequently become the most widely-used content management system. More than 5% of all websites use WordPress, and the platform commands 60% of the content management system market worldwide. Compelling statistics – but why is WordPress so popular?

Its success can be attributed to many elements; however, the simple and intuitive interface alongside the nearly unlimited flexibility of the WordPress software means that it is accessible to everyone. What’s more, the open source nature of the WordPress software means that new themes, plugins, widgets and tools are being made available on a daily basis. These elements also complement regular technical and design updates.

At the core of the WordPress platform is the WordPress blog. Originally developed for seamless blog creation and administration, WordPress makes the building, management and maintenance of your blog simple and effective. With the option of including online shops with WordPress extensions, the platform’s simplicity belies its powerful features. Finally, the sheer variety of applications means that both beginners and pros have the opportunity to build fantastic sites with the WordPress software. So sign up for a WordPress hosting package with 1&1 today and begin your blogging journey!


How can WordPress hosting with 1&1 help me?

When you choose WordPress hosting with Dell Hosting, you can expect a number of benefits. Firstly, you’ll never have to worry about the technical side of your web hosting, since 1&1 takes care of server maintenance – giving you the freedom to concentrate on your website. Alongside this, you can also benefit from our 24/7 support, with experts always on hand to help.

Thanks to the 1&1 Click & Build Application for WordPress, you’ll find blog creation a breeze. Simply sign up for your chosen WordPress hosting package, choose you domain and set up your administrative account. From here, selecting Safe Mode during installation will ensure that all of your web apps are kept up to date by 1&1. All you need to do is follow the step by step instructions within our setup wizard, and your site will be ready to go live.

A huge variety of personal websites, online shops and forums can be effortlessly created with a wide range of themes dedicated to each type of site. Plugins and widgets can also help you realise your vision, and you can always count on Dell Hosting to support your endeavours with the highest security standards found anywhere within the industry. WordPress blog hosting from 1&1 is always a safe bet!


WordPress software – what are the options?

Once you begin your WordPress blogging journey, you’ll find endless ways to customise your site and grow it organically to meet your requirements. Open source software means that innovators the world over can create new tools and extensions and, in most cases, make them freely available for all to use. 1&1 provides all of the building blocks for your website – all you need to do is decide what type of WordPress blog you want to create.

You’ll also find that customisation of WordPress themes is practically unlimited. With the option to choose one of thousands of free designs, or alternatively purchase one of many professionally designed themes, you can find exactly what you’re looking for. It’s also possible to commission new themes or even design your own with the requisite skills. Responsive design, or the ability of websites to appear equally well on PCs, tablets and smartphones, is also integrated into the WordPress software.

If you wish to set up a web store, then you have all of the required tools at your disposal when you take advantage of WordPress hosting from 1&1. With dedicated plugins and themes, you can display your products in style, and also accept online payments. What’s more, with 1&1’s commitment to security, you can be sure that both your customers and your website are always safe.

Setting up a forum is also simple when you select the right plugins and themes from WordPress. By providing fast connections to MySQL databases, regular backups and unlimited web traffic, you can count on 1&1 to bring you the very best WordPress hosting and WordPress blog functionality. Sign up today and begin your journey with Dell Hosting


What’s the difference between standard WordPress and WordPress blogs with Dell Hosting?

Essentially, there are no differences between WordPress blogs from the official site and those you create with 1&1. Since 1&1 provides the latest WordPress software and automatic updates, you can be sure that your blog is always up to the latest standards. What’s more, when you choose to host your WordPress blog with 1&1, you receive first-class service and 24 hour support should you encounter and problems or issues. This, when combined with our lightning-fast servers and superb security, allows you to take advantage of the very best WordPress hosting available.

Full customisation of your WordPress blog is readily available, and all of the plugins, widgets and themes can be easily accessed. When you decide to use 1&1 for your WordPress hosting, you can concentrate on beautiful design and superb content, whilst we take care of all the technical details – the perfect solution for your WordPress blog!