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Is your business Web site down again? Does it seem to have more downtime than uptime? You may want to consider changing your Web hosting service. One of the most important decisions you will make for your business Web site is selecting which Web hosting service will display your Web pages to the Internet. Choosing the right Internet Service Provider (ISP) to host your business's Web site may feel like finding the right day-care center for your kids these days: Are they reliable? Will they be there next month? Do they know what they are doing? What services do they provide?

Finding a provider to host and maintain your Web presence can be a walk in the park, if you gather the right information. Or, it can be a disaster waiting to happen. The Better Business Bureau suggests you consider the following when shopping for a Web host:

Know what type of service you need and only pay for that service. Large companies and high volume Web sites can expect to pay higher> rates for the services they need.
Shop around. Going with a big-name company may not be the best option for a small business. With larger companies you may find yourself competing for attention when it comes to getting service and performance issues addressed.
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Ask questions. Find out how much space the hosting company will allow you on their server for mail, log files, system programs and graphics. How many email addresses are you allowed? Inquire about the availability of mailing list management programs, such as Majordomo for newsletters and autoresponders for automatic responses to e-mail messages sent to certain addresses. Also, ask if they provide some sort of statistical data on visitors to your web pages.
Read your service contract carefully. If there were verbal negotiations between you and the web hosting company, be sure they are included in the contract. For instance, if the web hosting company says it will respond to complaints or glitches with your account within 12 hours, rather than their usual 24 hours, be sure that promise is included in your contract.
Make certain that the data on your web site remains secure and within your control. If you want "state of the art" security, add those words to your contract. That way you know your web hosting company has agreed to provide it.
Check the Web hosting company out with the Better Business Bureau before doing business.

Similarly PHP web hosting is very common and easy to find. When selecting a web host that offers PHP, you should keep the following in mind:

Because PHP is so common prices tend to be very low. That tends to mean margins are very low. As a result many low cost web hosts tend to "oversell" web space which means they put more websites on a server then would be considered ideal for those webmasters. This results in websites hosted on these servers to respond slowly and even occasionally have errors due to resources not being sufficient to complete their request. When researching a PHP web host, check to see if they have a reputation for overselling.

Many web hosts are slow in adopting new versions of PHP (the migration from PHP4 to PHP5 was extremely slow). If you want to have the latest PHP features available for your website make sure the web host you select either migrates to new versions of PHP or offers customers an opportunity to move to a new server using the newer version of PHP.

PEAR extends PHP offering a lot of functionality out of the box. Make sure your web host offers at least the most popular PEAR packages (MDB2, PHPUnit).

Content Delivery Networking hosting is possible if the site is static but depends on the company hosting the CDN as not all allow simple hosting such as just a static html site. Also Hosting a website can also be done using a Content Delivery Network but has many pros and cons,


Ultra fast, possibility the fastest way to serve a website to a global audience.
Scalable, never worry about resources.

Unable to use PHP content so things like contact forms need to be JavaScript with Cross Domain AJAX which is rather complicated for most webmasters.
Unable to use most Content Management Systems, however some static content can be used.
Can be abused, for example a bot can be set to repeat down the same website over and over and cost the webmaster a forture, most CDN's are limited and can't stop this abuse while a proper host can block IP's on X views per a second/min.
Hosting larger files can be expensive.
Most CDN's do not support 'non-www' so your content will be unaccessible if anyone links to the site without the www this is because most CDN's work of cnames (Not all, just most).
CDN Static Support

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